Pathology Laboratory

PMH Path Labs

A pioneer in the field of hospital lab management, Pulkit Memorial Hospital has been managing the laboratories of leading multi-specialty hospitals in UP(WEST),India. Professional laboratory management by our highly qualified team of pathologists, radiologists and medical technologists.
Pulkit Memorial Hospital empowers to offer patients the best in diagnostic care without diverting their focus from core healthcare services. The referral lab works like their full-fledged department and carries out a wide range of clinical lab tests.

Some of the most common tests outsourced to us include:

Quantitative Immunofixation, Serum
Homocysteine by CMIA
Ceruloplasmin, Serum by Nephelometry
FDP plasma
Angiotensin Converting Enzyme, Serum
Metanephrine – Free Plasma by EIA
Non Metanephrine Free Plasma by EIA
E2 – Estradiol Level, Serum by CMIA
Interferon Gamma Release Assay, Blood by EIA
Pseudocholinesterase in Serum
Protein Electrophoresis
Respiratory Tract Infection Panel – IgM
Testosterone (Total), Serum by CMIA
E2 – Estradiol Level Serum By CMIA
Insulin, Serum by CMIA
Thyroid Antibodies
IgE Serum by Immunocap
C-Peptide serum by CLIA
PTH- Serum by CMIA
Folic Acid, Serum by CMIA
Drugs of Abuse Panel
Interferon Gamma Release Assay (IGRA) Blood by EIA
Valproic Acid, Serum by Turbidimetric Immunoassay
C3, C4, Serum by Nephelometry
Microsomal Antibody Titre, Serum by CMIA<
Carbemazepine serum by Turbidimetric Immunoassay
AMH – Mullerian Inhibiting Substance, serum by EIA
CCPAb to Cyclic Citrulinated Peptide, Serum by CMIA
Cryptococcus Antigen Test
Thrombotic Profile

Management Desk

  • Our Hospital is best hospital in the west UP.
    We are providing Most of services in medical.

    Dr. Harish MittalChairman

  • Pulkit Memorial Hospital is stablished with the aim to provide
    medical help and services to the all people. Hospital providing all required facilities required in emergency

    Dr. Sanchit MittalManaging Director