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PULKIT MEMORIAL HOSPITAL’s repertoire of Corporate Healthcare Services are designed to provide both wellness and preventive care treatment that precludes illnesses and assists rehabilitation. PULKIT MEMORIAL HOSPITAL has invested its medical experience and skills into every possibility in the healthcare chain.

PULKIT MEMORIAL HOSPITAL also offers the cashless option through the many Healthcare Insurance Providers listed on our panel. If your insurance provider is not empaneled with us, we can help you with the reimbursement process. It is our aim to make your medical experience as pleasant as we possibly can.

Cashless Treatment

We provide our patients with the most accurate and complete billing services. To serve our patients efficiently, we request that the following information be provided at the time of billing to the billing department.

The MRD number of the patient
A copy of the patient’s insurance card
A copy of the patient’s passport (if applicable)
Any required payments or copayment methods for the hospital’s reference


During the admission process, an initial deposit will have to be made. A separate in-patient billing department is available (please refer to our location / direction link to locate the in-patient billing department at any one of our facilities). The deposit amount will depend on the type of room requested for. This deposit amount is required pending the approval from your insurance provider, and will be refunded once approval is received. In the event your insurance provider does not provide their approval within 2 days of your admission, then the patient is requested to settle the dues on their hospital stay and later prefer their claim with their insurance company.

Our hospital is accredited and recognized by all major insurance companies. For a list of the Insurance providers , we request you to please contact us. Other than the insurance companies listed, we will not be able to accept or process any other foreign insurance coverage for treatment requirements. The coverage is subject to approval from the insurance company under reference.

As per the Insurance coverage provided by the insurance companies on our list, the coverage is valid only for patients who have been hospitalized.

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